Welcome to BJ Industries

B.J. Industries has been in business since 1987 providing unique, high quality seating solutions. As the manufacturer of the original BackJack chair, B.J. Industries has developed a large customer base in a wide variety of markets, including schools, homes, libraries, yoga studios, exercise facilities and recreational markets. Recently, this patented product has entered new market areas such as home theaters and serves as low cost, space efficient, extra seating in many home applications.

Over the years, the chairs have been recognized by many medical groups for its benefits in position and back relief/support applications. Our customers range from instructors in childbirth classes to management seminar sessions. All age groups enjoy the BackJack, including children with video games and seniors in meditation or yoga. The BackJack chair is available in a variety of sizes, models and colors to meet the needs of its diverse applications.

In recent years, we have introduced the Dunebuggy which is a unique beach chair that functions both as a reclining chair and a vehicle to move beach supplies. The chair is designed to move easily in soft sand while still rolling normally on fine surfaces to transfer all your beach supplies. All the extra equipment needed at the beach is easily handled by the versatile Dunebuggy.

BJ Industries functions as a wholesale supplier of these products to many retail outlets, including mail order catalogs, internet sales companies, retail shops and many enterprising service providers.

BJ Industries does not sell in the traditional retail markets nor are their products available in mass market retail or "big box" retail outlets. We provide unique products and support our retail outlets in their many applications. Our service includes large bulk shipments, as well as drop ship programs to service our customers in the manner that best supports their business model.